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Your software is only for you. You are guaranteed that it will not be copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software.


Developing a software is like building a "House". It must have a strong foundation for planning and tools that being used for your software to avoid rewriting again from scratch!


Professional developers ALWAYS document their codes, write Functional/Unit Testing known as Test Driven Development and has a capability to write Clean code

Rocket Science

The software must be Stable, Flexible, Extensible, Maintainable and Scalable at all cost. I take every software seriously in producing Quality vs Quantity

Hello, I am Bryan Tan...

I'm a Software Engineer living in Quezon City, Philippines. I am working for more than 5years since 2008, 3years working at a private company and 2 years start doing outsourcing, within a span of 1year I became a Technical Lead of Server Side Development in Brians.com. taking a role of TechLead is not an easy job but challenging part, being a Leader you must make sure that your Team produce high quality standards and your clients meet the requirements of what they asked for.

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LESS / SASS / Grunt / Brunch / GIT / SVN


NodeJS / AngularJS / CoffeeScript / Jade / jQuery


Yii / Symfony / CodeIgniter / WordPress

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What my clients says about me?

Bryan is truly an amazing developer. He was able to understand the complex requirements of the project and deliver. Excellent communication the entire time. We are already planning our next project with him. 5 stars for sure!

Bill - from oDesk client

Bryan, did an outstanding job for us and we will be hiring him again in the very near future. We hired him for php programming specifically in yii, and he definitely knows what he is doing.

Jonathan - from oDesk client

Bryan was great to work with. I'm extremely critical, and have had some negative experiences on elance. Bryan was easy to work with. He communicates well, in English, and is quick to start an complete tasks. Not only did he do what he was asked, but he added value with his own opinions on how the app should behave. I don't know what more I could have asked for. Great job!

Adam Fenn - Flocasts.com

Why you should Hire me in your project/s

Hiring a professional can be costly but always think about the long term.
What is my rate? My hourly rate is $20/hr but what you can get from my service.

  1. Documented - your application is 1 year old, does your developer even put a single code in every classes/methods they make?
  2. Clean Codes - hiring people for $10/hr surely can help you in your project, but what about maintaining project? how sure are you that they produce high quality codes? do they think about scalability and flexibility of your project? do they follow SRP (Singe Responsibility Principle) or Fat Model Skinny Controller in your MVC framework?
  3. TDD Driven - people don't make serious about Test Driven Development, making functional/unit testing is very important in every project to have a continous integration
Bryan Tan
Software Engineer